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WordPress Plugin Manager CyberPanel

WordPress Plugin Manager is a very useful tool for managing plugins within a CyberPanel platform. These tools help you customize and enhance your website according to your specific needs without access to the WordPress admin dashboard.

Select Website to Manage

With WordPress Manager, you can manage different settings and modes.

Select website Go to WordPress->List WordPress and select website that you want to manage

The WordPress Manager dashboard will appear, and you will see the different features that you can access directly through the panel.

Plugin Manager

With Plugin Manager, you can

  • See Installed Plugins
  • UPDATE Plugins
  • Delete plugins.

WordPress Plugin Bucket

Cyberpanel also introduced a way to create plugin buckets, and you can use them on multiple WordPress sites.

Simply go to  WordPress -> Configure Plugins

Here you will see the created buckets, and you can also create new buckets. You can edit and delete buckets too.

Click on the Create new Bucket.

Enter Bucket name

Search the plugin name and Press enter (All related plugins will fetched)

You can select from the list.
Then click on ADD Plugin Bucket.

Use Plugin Bucket.

This bucket will be used when you create a WordPress site, and if you want to add all those plugins to other sites, you just need to select that bucket, which consists of related plugins.

Deploy WordPress Site

When you create a WordPress site, you will see a menu Select Plugin Bucket

Here, you can select the bucket that you want for your site. These plugins will automatically be installed on your site.

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