Remote Transfer

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Remote Transfer

Remote transfer can help you transfer accounts from remote CyberPanel installation to local CyberPanel installation. Version 1.5 of CyberPanel is required on both ends.

Fetch Accounts

Main > Back ups > Remote Backups

The first step is to fetch and select accounts you want to transfer from the remote server.

Note: Enable the API access first for the admin from remote server.
Go to User->Api Access -> Select admin ->Api Access Enable

  1. Enter IP or hostname where CyberPanel is installed.
  2. Enter a password for “admin” account at your remote CyberPanel installation.

After filling these detail click Fetch Accounts to get a list of accounts on a remote server.

Start Transfer

Once you are satisfied with the selection of accounts you want to transfer you can click Start Transfer to initiate transfer of accounts from a remote server. Depending on the size of accounts, it may take some time to complete the transfer.

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