CyberPanel on SSL

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CyberPanel on SSL

Note: If your domain is behind Cloudflare it will not work since CloudFlare blocks port 8090.

If you want to access CyberPanel on SSL you can do so by issuing Lets Encrypt SSL for the hostname, before continuing further make sure you have created website with a domain you want to access CyberPanel as.

If you want to access CyberPanel on: , create an account with a domain While creating an account you can check SSL or not, it is optional.

If domain still does not point to the server, again a self-signed SSL will be issued.

Setup Hostname SSL CyberPanel

Step 1. To issue the Hostname SSL for your CyberPanel. Go to SSL->Hostname SSL

Step 3. Select the website for which you want to issue the hostname SSL 

Step 4. Select the website and Click on Issue SSL

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