Subdomain Management

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Subdomain Management

In this article, we will learn about how to create and manage subdomains in CyberPanel. Here some features included.

  1. Create Subdomain
  2. List subdomain
    • Delete subdomain
    • Issue SSL for Subdomain
    • Convert to Website

First, Login on to your CyberPanel dashboard.

Create Subdomain

Here, you can see How to create Subdomain. Go to Websites from the side menu.

Now you can see the option Create New Domain, click on Create New Domain

This will open up the new page, where you will add the details about the subdomain you want to create.

  • Choose the Website
  • Enter Name Like (
  • Select Path if you want to set the custom path, other wise you can left this empty if you want default. (Optional)
  • Select PHP version
At the end click on Create Domain. The subdomain will created successfully.

You will see the success status when the subdomain will be created., You can see this page

List subdomain

You can enlist the subdomains you created under the domains.

Go to the Websites -> List Subdomain
All the Subdomain will be listed here you can find and manage here.

Delete subdomain

The Subdomain will be deleted when you from the List Subdomain list.

Go to the Websites -> List Subdomain
Choose the Delete option under the subdomain you want to delete.

Issue SSL for Subdomain

Go to the Websites -> List Subdomain
Choose the Issue SSL option under the subdomain to apply get the ssl.

Convert to Website

You can convert the subdomain to the website here.

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