Elisa van den Berg

Liza Dries captures a hazy euphoria on new single “Superbloom”

“Superbloom”, the impressive new track by the Cologne-based Dutch producer Liza Dries, is a slow burner. It sounds like a modern hyperpop song submerged underwater, with contours of vocals and melodies washed away in pure hearted effervescence. The track manages to channel the cinematic big city euphoria of M83: the build-up, however, never culminates into a full-on drop into a beat, which I assume was part of the point.

As the title suggests, “Superbloom” is a song inspired by lofty beginnings, and specifically the first signs of springtime: the swell of optimism is banging at the door, on the verge of breaking through the cracks. “To a certain degree my strength and at the same time weakness is having a tendency to be impulsive and  instinctive”, Dries says of the song. “Being lost in impulsive actions was almost a bit of a problem at that specific time. It’s like being bad at chess: I’m always just thinking of the current step; while to be good at chess, you need to think several steps ahead.”

Dries says the video was inspired by the transition between sceneries: two weeks after penning “Superbloom”, she impulsively left her hometown of Cologne for a month to visit friends in Los Angeles. “I shot the music video with Rubee Feagon in LA on an iPhone, where we spat on the lens, creating the blurry effect. LA was something else, it‘s like living in a  movie. We slept in a car, met new people and were basically out of money all the time. It was a romantic time, a time of building impressions.”

“Superbloom” is the first of a series of singles Dries will release – under the title Year Of Romance 1/2 – via Intercept Records. Watch the video below.

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